QuickBooks Pro 2018

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro 2018 is ideal for VAT registered businesses, contractors and consultants.

QuickBooks Pro allows you to manage your business accounts simply and easily. Step-up with Pro and take charge of your inventory, purchases and sales.


  • Multiple Users1. Pro will not only enable you to manage your inventory but it will also allow up to 5 multiple users to work on a company file simultaneously (with the purchase of additional user licenses).
  • Document Centre. By scanning or copying documents into this centre, you’ll be able to send multiple attachments when emailing customers or suppliers from QuickBooks. The Document Centre also allows for quick access to important documents pertaining to customers and suppliers, which will save a lot of time eliminating unnecessary file searches. 
  • Lead Centre. Enter follow-up notes for sales leads and contacts that can be converted to customers.
  • Income Tracker. Managing your receivables has never been easier! The income Tracker boasts with a real-time data interface allowing you to take necessary action when it comes to following up payments, closing open quotes or invoicing un-billed services.
  • Customer & Supplier Centre. View customer balances and (or) transactions at a glance for all customers & suppliers.
  • Favourites Menu. Create your own menu with transactions you access regularly.
  • Set QuickBooks Pro to save accountant copies or portable company files in your local dropbox folder.
  • Insights. Monitor the health of your business by studying and printing graphs pertaining sales, expenses,items and previous year to date comparisons.
  • Comments on Reports. Make comments next to amounts on reports for file review or strategic discussions.

1. Additional product lines must be purchased to allow for multi-user access.

More Product Features
12 month email & telephonic support contract for new users (30 days for upgraders)
1-5 users (Purchase of additional licenses required)
Create and send branded (Customised) invoices
Track sales, expenses and profit
Easy VAT returns
Company Snapshot and Calendar View
Track Sales Leads
Handle multiple currencies
Stock Control
Document Centre (New!)
Income Tracker (New!)

QuickBooks Pro: Essential Time Saving Tools
QuickBooks is designed to make accounting simple for small business and help you save time on the accounting tasks you do most. Easy to learn and use with no accounting knowledge necessary.
QuickBooks is guaranteed easy or your money back.
QuickBooks Pro Accounting Software offers essential accounting tools. For more advanced features, including budget and forecasts, please take a look at QuickBooks Premier Accounting Software.

Not sure which QuickBooks Accounting Software product is right for you?
Please refer to the comparison chart to help choose the right product to meet your business needs.

Are you new to QuickBooks?

Find out why QuickBooks is the world’s No. 1 bestselling small business accounting software:

Easy to Learn and Use
No accounting knowledge necessary – guaranteed easy or your money back
Save time on data entry by easily importing data from excel spread sheets
Get started easily and set up in minutes with step by step tools

Get Paid Sooner, Save Time on Everyday Tasks
Invoicing that is so easy you’ll send your invoices quicker, email as pdfs.
See your cash flow in real time – instant reporting on sales, expenses and profit.
 Organise Everything in One Place
Instant real time view of your business performance with the Company Snapshot
Easily stay on top of your important tasks with the QuickBooks Calendar View
Track your new sales leads and customers with the Lead Centre

Easy VAT Returns
Manage your VAT automatically, the fast and accurate way.
Create VAT returns in minutes
The latest VAT rules are incorporated to ensure accurate returns

See Your Cash Flow in Real Time
Generate and customise key financial, sales and tax reports to monitor your company performance.
With key business reports already built into QuickBooks Pro – including Profit & Loss and balance sheet reports – this easy accounting software gives you the business knowledge to make key
Get a clear picture of how and where you make and spend your money
Get reports generated for you, no maths required
Drill down into more detail by simply clicking reports

Better Stock Control
Track stock, set re-orders points and creates purchase orders. Keep an eye on your stock levels:
See how items flow in and out of your business
QuickBooks prompts you to re-order when stocks fall
Create purchase orders to send to suppliers
QuickBooks Pro helps you avoid overbuying stock. You can also set re-order points and get
reminders when it’s time to re-order so that you don’t run out of popular items.

Handle Multiple Currencies Automatically

QuickBooks Pro lets you trade in over 145 currencies just as easily as you do in Rand:
Convert back using the latest exchange rates automatically
Understand gains and losses caused by rate fluctuations
Work with international customers in their own currencies

Handling foreign currencies helps your business deliver great service, because international clients will appreciate it when you work in their currencies.

Upgrading QuickBooks?

The latest version of QuickBooks Pro accounting software is designed to save you even more time on the accounting tasks you do most

Designed to speed up your workflow by completing everyday tasks faster than ever
Clearer navigation, designed to guide you through your workflow more efficiently
Easier to use, always find what you are looking for with simplified layouts, forms and reports
Simple customizable toolbars and reports make juggling everyday tasks easier and quicker
The Lead Centre makes it easy to keep track of potential new sales and new customers
Upgrading is easy with intuitive tooltips to signpost common tasks to get you productive faster
Be more efficient, work smarter with your accountant; be better organized with your
customer, supplier and prospect information in an instant
Collaborate better with your accountant easier than ever before to send, share and update information with your accountant

New Features:
Income Tracker:
Income Tracker helps you stay on top of your receivables to help you get paid faster
Get an end to end view of all income related transactions all in one place with the
Income Tracker
Get real time data; no reports to run or data to gather.
Get paid faster – Take immediate action on transactions to get paid.
Batch print or email transactions directly from Income Tracker list and filter by transaction or customer.
 Document Centre:
Email supporting documents attached to a transaction in one click – Now you can include multiple attachments to one QuickBooks transaction & email to your customers, suppliers or other business contacts for more efficient communication.
Email Enhancements:
Track emails sent to customers, suppliers or employees without leaving
Multiple Email Templates:
Customize and re-use different email templates:
Easy to auto populate with customer and job information, invoice number, amount due and other pertinent information for reliable communication.

Logged Emails:
QuickBooks as the email history list provides quick access to previous conversations.
Email your payment receipts, bill payment stub/remittance advice.