QuickBooks Accountant

QuickBooks Accountant is the master software for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Need all of Quickbooks? Then QuickBooks Accountant is for you. It boasts with all the features of premier and more.

QuickBooks Accountant
QuickBooks Accountant


  • Copy file. Create a new company file by copying preferences and lists from existing file.
  • Open secondary company. Work on 2 company files at the same time.
  • File Manager: Manage your client data files and passwords in one location.
  • Accountant Centre: This gives you a quick glance at core tasks such as Bank recons and running of memorised reports.
  • Customer Data Review: Review your customer’s account by making use of this helpful tool.
  • QuickBooks Statement Writer1:Allows you to write your own financial reports
  • Create and export accountant’s changes that your customer will import into their company file.
  • New: Bill Tracker. Simplify Supplier expense tracking by visualizing flow of supplier-related transactions 
  • New:Batch delete transactions. Invoices/Cheques/Bills2 
  • New: Bulk remove. Send forms & print Queue2 

Helpful additional tools:

  • Toggle between Pro, Premier and Accountant 
  • Auto reverse journal entry. 
  • Journal button on all transactions indicating journal postings of invoices, bills, credits notes & cheques. 
  • Post directly to Retained earnings. 

1. QuickBooks Statement write requires Ms Excel 2007 and 2010 (2013 not supported). 

 2. Future product release (updates)

More Product Features
12 month email & telephonic support contract for new users (30 days for upgraders)
Get all the features of QuickBooks Premier, plus much more
1-30 users (Purchase of additional licenses required)
Create and send branded (Customised) invoices
Track sales, expenses and profit
Easy VAT returns
Company Snapshot and Calendar View
Track sales leads
Handle multiple currencies
Comprehensive stock control
Build financial forecasts
Offer flexible discounts
Stock Centre
Document Centre (New!)
Income Tracker (New!)
The following features which were available in Premier 2012 are not available in Premier 2013/14 but are available in Accountant 2016:
1-30 users (Premier 2013/14/15 is limited to 5 simultaneous users)
Open 2 company files simultaneously
Modify and make accountant changes in the accountants copy
Financial statement designer
Accountant menu
Client data review menu
Toggle between different versions (Pro, Premier & Accountant)
Accountant tools: Fixed unapplied payments / credits, write off invoices, Reclassify transactions
Should you need any of the above features or if you were using them previously in Premier 2012, you would need to upgrade to Accountant 2016.

QuickBooks Accountant: Advanced Time Saving Tools
QuickBooks Accountant is designed to make accounting simple for small business and help you save time on the accounting tasks you do most. Easy to learn and use with no accounting knowledge necessary is QuickBooks Accounting Software is guaranteed easy or your money back.

QuickBooks Accountant has all the features of QuickBooks Premier plus more advanced features for stock control, budgeting, forecasting and discounting.

Collaborate with clients efficiently
Your clients can use the Accountant’s Copy feature in QuickBooks Pro or Premier to send you their latest figures as a single file for you to import into your copy of QuickBooks.
When they do this, they set a cut-off date for transactions you can work on. This enables you to perform important tasks using data from before the cut-off date, while they continue to perform day-to-day
tasks after the cut-off date.
Once you’ve finished, QuickBooks merges the changes, creating one company file that your client can continue to work from.

Client data review tool

Find and fix client data entry errors faster with eight powerful client data review tools found only in QuickBooks Accountant:
Fix incorrectly recorded VAT payments. Identify transactions that were not correctly recorded as VAT payments, and then turn them into VAT payments.
Write off invoices. Write off uncollectable invoices to the account you choose. Includes automatic VAT adjustment.
Clear up undeposited funds. Find deposits that were created manually, then quickly link them to undeposited payments.
Reclassify transactions. Quickly reclassify hundreds of transactions from a single window, instead of doing them one by one.
Troubleshoot stock. Identify irregularities in stock, such as negative quantities or items that are out of balance.
Review list changes. Easily identify list items that your client has changed since you finalised the balance for a period.
Troubleshoot prior account balances. See the differences in ending account balances from your records and recommendations of how to adjust them.
Fix unapplied customer and supplier payments and credits. Identify and apply unlinked payments and credits to the appropriate invoices and bills.

(Please note: you can only use the client data review tool if your client is using QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2016.)

Use the QuickBooks your clients use QuickBooks Accountant Edition includes QuickBooks Pro and Premier as well as the powerful accountant tools.

You can switch between the different editions in seconds, to see exactly what your customer is seeing and making it easier to work together by phone and email.

Are you new to QuickBooks?

Find out why QuickBooks is the world’s No. 1 bestselling small business accounting software:
Easy to Learn and Use
No accounting knowledge necessary – guaranteed easy or your money back
Save time on data entry by easily importing data from excel spread sheets
Get started easily and set up in minutes with step by step tools

Get Paid Sooner, Save Time on Everyday Tasks
Invoicing that is so easy you’ll send your invoices quicker , email as pdfs
See your cash flow in real time – instant reporting on sales, expenses and profit
Track stock, set re-order points & create purchase orders

Organise Everything in One Place

See as Company Snapshot of your key financial data on a single screen
Easily stay on top of your important tasks with QuickBooks Calendar View
Track your new sales leads and customers with the NEW Lead Centre

Easy VAT Returns

Manage your VAT automatically, the fast and accurate way.
Create VAT returns in minutes.
The latest VAT rules are incorporated to ensure accurate returns.

With automatic VAT returns, you can slash the hassle – and the worry.
Customise Your Financial, Sales and VAT Reports
Generate and customise key financial, sales and VAT reports to monitor your company performance
With key business reports already built into QuickBooks Accountant – including Profit & Loss and balance sheet reports – you get the business knowledge to make key decisions:

Get a clear picture of how and where you make and spend your money
Get reports generated for you,  no maths required
Drill down into more detail by simply clicking reports

Create Budgets and Forecast Cash Flow
Plan ahead effectively by creating budgets and forecasting your company’s cash flow:
Set monthly, quarterly or annual budgets
Track your performance and compare actual to expected results

Understand how your business could perform in the months ahead
Cash flow forecasts enable you to see how different scenarios would affect your business. What if you took on more staff, or lost a key customer?

Stock Control and Back Orders

With QuickBooks Accountant software, it’s easier to keep track of what your business has in stock  and you won’t have to force customers elsewhere when something is out of stock.

See exactly what you have in stock at any time
Set automatic minimum and maximum re-order points for stock
Create back orders to fulfil first, when stock arrives

Holding stock is a balancing act: it’s important to have what your customers want, but you don’t want to over order and have funds tied up needlessly. QuickBooks helps you get that balance right.

Handle Multiple Currencies Automatically

QuickBooks Accountant let’s you trade in over 145 currencies just as easily as you do in Shilling:
Convert back using the latest exchange rates automatically
Understand gains and losses caused by rate fluctuations
Work with international customers in their own currencies

Handling foreign currencies helps your business deliver great service, because international clients will appreciate it when you work in their currencies.

Offer Flexible Discounts
QuickBooks Accountant accounting software gives you complete freedom to price products and services the way that suits your business:
Set discount levels for specific customers or jobs
Change prices easily, whenever you need to
Offer special deals to match or beat competitors

Use the flexible pricing tools to reward loyal customers with extra discounts, give new customers an incentive to buy  or deep-discount end of line stock. It’s entirely up to you.

Upgrading QuickBooks?

The latest version of QuickBooks Accountant software is designed to save you even more time on the accounting tasks you do most

Designed to speed up your workflow by completing everyday tasks faster than ever
Clearer navigation, designed to guide you through your workflow more efficiently
Easier to use,  always find what you looking for with simplified layouts, forms and reports
Simple customizable toolbars and reports make juggling everyday tasks easier and quicker
Lead Centre makes it easy to keep track of potential new sales and new customers
Upgrading is easy with intuitive tooltips to signpost common tasks to get you productive faster
Be more efficient, work smarter with your accountant; be better organized with your customer, supplier and prospect information in an instant
Collaborate better with your accountant, easier than ever before to send, share and update information with your accountant

New Features:
Income Tracker:
Income Tracker helps you stay on top of your receivables to help you get paid faster
Get an end to end view of all income related transactions all in one place with the
Income Tracker
Get real time data; no reports to run or data to gather.
Get paid faster – Take immediate action on transactions to get paid.
Batch print or email transactions directly from Income Tracker list and filter by transaction or customer.
Document Centre:
Email supporting documents attached to a transaction in one click – Now you can include multiple attachments to one QuickBooks transaction email to your customers, suppliers or other business contacts for more efficient communication.
Email Enhancements:
Multiple Email Templates:
Customise and re-use different Email templates – Easy to auto populate with customer and job information, invoice number, amount due and other pertinent information for reliable communication.

Logged Emails:
– Track emails sent to customers, suppliers or employees without leaving QuickBooks as the email history list provides quick access to previous conversations.
Email your payment receipts, bill payment stub/remittance advice.