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QuickBooks Support Service

QuickBooks 2016 Registration Procedure:

Please note that an internet connection is required for the installation
and activation of this product. Alternatively, you can contact us on +254 724 333 745 from Monday to Friday,
between 9am and 5.30pm.
You will only be able to make use of this product once it has been registered and activated. Once you have
registered your software we will capture all your information on our database. You will then have unlimited
access to your product and will be issued with support PIN (Personal Identification Number) , which must be
utilised when contacting our support department. For any queries regarding the registration of your product
contact us during office hours on 254 724 333 745, or alternatively, you can email us at


Our database consultants are continuously ensuring that our clients are kept up to date with the latest news and products
from Fedha Solutions Ltd and to do this, we need to have your correct details on hand at all times. We are here to assist and
are updating our database on a daily basis. For any queries regarding your account, kindly contact us during office hour
on 0724 333 745 or alternatively, you can email us at


We offer training courses for all QuickBooks users. These training courses allow our users to harness the true potential of the software and
will increase the company’s accounting and bookkeeping efficiency. For any queries regarding training, please contact us during office hours on
the following number: +254 724 333 745. Alternatively, you can email us at


Our renewals department offer all of our cleints the opportunity to renew their respective support and annual maintenance plans:

 Maximize your software with our QuickBooks Support Plan.

No matter how good your knowledge of QuickBooks is, there may come a time that you will need some assistance. This is why we provide an optional email and telephone Support plan, which will provide you, our valued customer, with direct access to our Support Centre when help is needed.

For a monthly subscription fee of only Ksh 1,999/-, (US$19.99), you will get assistance with the following:

  • All QuickBooks technical issues ranging from installation to operational.
  • All program errors in QuickBooks.
  • Procedural documentation assisting clients with VAT on upgraded files.
  • Procedural documentations regarding email integration between QuickBooks and Microsoft Outlook is available to you
    General inquiries around QuickBooks. 

As part of the Support Plan, you also get the following:-

  • Automatic offsite backup of your Quickbooks financial information in partnership with Iron Tree. This means that your QuickBooks
    information will always be safe, accessible and restorable,
    *The above pricing and support policy is subject to change. Contact our office for details.


Our support department can offer clients technical support on all our products.

Data fixing and stationery layouts are additional
services that may be offered to our client base at an additional charge. For more details, please log on to our website.

For any support
related queries, please contact us at

Onsite Support

Our onsite support department offers the following services to our clients:-

  • One-on-one training
  • Company setup (setting up of additional users, invoice setup)
  • Network setup on QuickBooks

For more information or assistance, please contact us at


QuickBooks can help you create and maintain a professional image by offering a range of standard and
personalized stationery forms suited to your business requirements.

For more information regarding our stationery,
please contact our sales team, or alternatively, please log onto our website at