QuickBooks Support

Maximize your software with our QuickBooks Support Plan.

No matter how good your knowledge of QuickBooks is, there may come a
time that you will need some assistance. This is why we provide an
optional email and telephone Support plan, which will provide you, our
valued customer, with direct access to our Support Centre when help is

For a monthly subscription fee of only Ksh 1,999/-, (US$19.99), you will get assistance with the following:

  • All QuickBooks technical issues ranging from installation to operational.
  • All program errors in QuickBooks.
  • Procedural documentation assisting clients with VAT on upgraded files.
  • Procedural documentations
    regarding email integration between QuickBooks and Microsoft Outlook is
    available to you General enquiries around QuicKBooks. 

As part of the Support Plan, you also get the following:-

  • Automatic
    offsite backup of your Quickbooks financial information in partnership
    with Iron Tree. This means that your QuickBooks information will always
    be safe, accessible and restorable, *The above pricing and support
    policy is subject to change. Contact our office for details.



Our support department can offer clients technical support on all our products.

Data fixing and stationery layouts are additional services that may
be offerred to our client base at an additional charge. For more
details, please log on to our website.

For any support related queries, please contact us at info@quickbooks.one Onsite Support


Our onsite support department offers the following services to our clients:-

  • One-on-one training
  • Company setup (setting up of additional users, invoice setup)
  • Network setup on QuickBooks

For more information or assistance, please contact us at info@quickbooks.one